626 is Featured in VALM Magazine!

We are excited to announce that we are featured in Vogue á la Mode's April Edition Magazine. We received a full spread covering both our Spring/Summer 17 Collection - Bad Romance & our Fall/Winter 17 Collection - Cocaine, in addition to a designer spread, designer advice section, company overview, and full collection photos.

We are thankful to the CEO, Tadajah Coleman of VALM for reaching out and interviewing our Owner, and CEO Dominique Thomas and featuring our Company.

Check out the Full Spread at: https://valmmagazine.wordpress.com/valm-vi-ii-vi/

Be Sure to also check out the rest of VALM's Website: https://voguealamodecollection.wordpress.com/

Special Shoutout to Both Models Featured on the Cover @Stylesbyking (Instagram) & @Knickmontgomery (Instagram)